Growing Your Sales – How to Increase Your Sales Through Small, Simple Products

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Every business has the same goal: to make more sales, and hence more money. When was the last time you heard a business say that they would like to cut back their yearly sales? It’s only natural for a business to desire to grow and expand, and at the heart of any expansion is one five letter word: sales.

The sales industry is a big industry. In fact, if you can sell you will never be without employment. Business owners are constantly looking for staff that has that type of personality – the type of person that can sell ice to an Eskimo, convince someone to switch their products, or to network deals. These type of people are rare, few, and far between, but that’s okay. I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

You can expand your sales without adding any new staff, retraining any new staff, or offering any new products.

At this point you must be thinking one of two things: “how the heck can you do that”, or, “there’s no way”. Luckily for businesses everywhere, it is possible. In fact, it’s been practices for a few years on the internet to great success, and it’s only natural to try and expand that success offline.

The method is called the “passive kickback close” (PKC), and it made waves online when a few smart people starting making millions employing. How does it work? Simple – it literally can get working for you in four steps:

  1. Offer a relevant product. The product that you are going to try to sell should be in relation to your businesses core product line. If you are selling shoes, for example, you might want to try selling “Leather Shoe Repair Kits”. These kits can be made up of existing products – polish, leather brush, etc. – and should come at a small premium. This type of product is called a complimentary product- it compliments the purchase of leather shoes.
  2. Target your clients. You want the product to be targeted towards your current clients. That means that if the majority of your existing clients are 24 year old males, offer a product that a 24 year old male will use.
  3. Offer the PKC product at the same time as their purchase. The best time to offer the PKC is when the customer has the cash in their hand, ready to pay you. The PKC should compliment the product, and it should be affordable enough that the customer shouldn’t have to start planning their budget.

    Going back to our example about shoes, for example. Once the customer has brought their shoes to the sales counter, the best time to offer your shoe repair kit would be as soon as they’ve handed you some cash.

  4. Use a passive close for maximum results. When offering the PKC product, offer it in such a way that it appears you’ve already assumed they would make the purchase. This makes the product seem like a necessity or, at the very least, something that they would be stupid to pass up.If you are selling shoes, for example, you might market your shoe repair kit (the PKC) by saying something like “we’re offering a shoe repair kit with each pair of leather shoes sold today for X dollars. Do you just want the one?” This type of proposal will lead to more sales than a traditional close (“Do you want this shoe repair kit too?”), and it still gives the customer the option to say no at any time, though they are much less likely to do so.

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