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If you’ve chosen to work from home you are now going to be entering a transition, where you are now operating in an area that is naturally comfortable. Staying within your comfort zone is an easy way to foster intellectual and emotional growth, but unless you are prepared to sit down and work, you may also find that your results are less than what you are expecting.

Your home office should be a space that motivates you to succeed. The office should scream “when you’re here, work!” Most of all, your office should be a quiet, private place that is free from any major distractions. This means no pets, no kids, and no TV. Your office should be a space where you can focus on the tasks at hand.

  • Buy furniture that is durable. Many pieces of office furniture are made from particle board. Stay away, as this type of furniture will fall apart quite quickly, leaving you high and dry and, potentially, without a desk.
  • Set up your office separate from your home. Though your home office may be a room in your home, it should be an environment that is entirely separate from the rest of your home. Make sure that your family knows that when you’re working, you’re working. You still need to work to make an income, and you won’t be able to accomplish that if you are constantly distracted.
  • Purchase separate phone, fax, and internet connections. Though it may seem to be most costly than simply piggybacking off of your current household resources, purchasing dedicated resources for your business give you the ability to write them off on your taxes, thereby negating their cost outright. And besides, it’s not as if you won’t be making personal calls on your company phone anyway.
  • Set the mood. Unless you are selling scented candles and incense there is no point in having scented candles everywhere. Keep your office as professional as possible, yet be sure to include some relaxing cues. Your work environment should be both comfortable as well as inspirational – it should encourage creativity, productivity, and efficiency.

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6 thoughts on “Setting Up Your Home Office

  1. A note about the separate lines :
    You can still write it off even if it’s in your personal name – as home office expenses. At least that is how it is in Canada, adn I can even write off a portion of my rent based on area usage.
    no need for a separate line – no matter what the amount of deduction is, it’s always better to not spend than get tax deductions.

  2. don’t forget a comfy chair!.. that’s number 1.. ergonomics are very important, and no one can get anything done with a sore back

  3. Oh, and get your goals up in front of you! That vision board or that inspiring photo of you and your mentor on the wall. A constant visual reminder to start kicking butt!

  4. I wish to a home office too, make it nicely. But its a matter of time and money too. my blog does not earn me much either.

  5. If at all possible, keep your office located away from rooms with a lot of family noise. I made the mistake of appropriating the library, which is right off the family room. As I look around, i can see all kinds of toys my daughter brought in here throughout the day. Doesn’t feel very professional.

  6. Very nice tips! I think my office is very confortable setting, although this chair I sit in sucks horribly.

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