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I did it. For the first time in my life I have managed to include two words together in the same sentence that no one would ever dream of doing: multilevel and profitable. You can close your mouth, though I’m sure your alarm and sheer surprise at my former statement are well deserved, but please, before you shun this website, allow me to digress.

There is no denying that, supposing you can make your multilevel marketing business work, it becomes big, big money. There are MLMers that are making millions of dollars per year, and it’s not as if they’re rocket scientists or brain surgeons. These people are as average as they get, yet they’re raking in massive paychecks.

How do they do it? How do they make multilevel marketing a profitable, sustainable business?

  • They treat it as their business. A successful MLMer doesn’t see it as a part time income, or even as an opportunity that they can build up over time. A successful MLMer attacks the market, growing their business as fast as they feasibly can. Their business is their income, and in order for them to make any money they need to build it.
  • They encourage others to follow their lead. As their business grows they will begin to earn more money. When they start earning enough they shift their focus from growing their business to growing the businesses of those that they’ve recruited. This builds their passive income, and once it is steady they literally make money in their sleep.They encourage others to do as they did, to build their business and to constantly grow. The more success their team member see, the more success that they see.
  • They don’t hide anything that they don’t have to. Many people feel scammed by multilevel companies because the associates that are involved in the company actively deny what the company really is. Yes, it is a multilevel company; yes, there are costs associated with getting involved. Being up front and honest with people will weed out the people that would leave the company eventually anyways, and encourages only highly targeted people join up.

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9 thoughts on “Working from Home: Making Multilevel Companies Profitable

  1. Good article, i am a new starter of this kind of projects and i meet new clients over the world every week. It is great opportunity.

  2. I hope when I grow up I work at home. Just because you have your own schedule, and you are your own boss.

  3. I agree with this article 100%. I am a successful MLMer and have been taught and teach those exact same things. You do need to find a MLM business that you can be passionate about and one that has little or no debt, it should also be a company that was established for the “representative” not for the pockets of the owners/shareholders. Great to see someone with a positive outlook on this industry.

  4. Great article Josh!
    I couldn’t agree with you any more on the points you’ve made.
    Most people don’t treat their direct sales or MLM company as a business and therefore struggle.
    Brian – Success Coach
    McCoy Marketing Group

  5. I’m an ex-MLMer 2 years ago. I sold vitamins and supplement. Because of the lack of training held by our leader, Our group lost spirit and finally… we ungroup and quit the job….
    But, I never try MLM using the internet. Some because people think MLMer=Spammer and make things hard. and Some because I have lost interest in this field.

    1. I will say this about your experience; unfortunately it’s one that cause many people to be upset and feel negative about MLM and it does make it hard to build success. However my “upline” left me high and dry three mths after I started. I chose to self educate myself as fast as possible so i could become the motivator for the team.
      I guess this goes back to treating it like a business that you have invested a lot into. I do know this if you let someone else dictate your success you are not making a very safe bet.
      Brock Keen
      Young Wealth Marketing

  6. It’s the same with everything. No hard work and dedication leads to no success. Too many people consider the internet as a place to make easy money. No such thing. Good article.

  7. I agree with so much that is being said here.
    I too tried a couple of different opportunities and when the promised support was not there I moved on.
    Then I found a company (not mlm but direct sales) that has a great community. Everyone is supportive of each other and is willing to help each other with training and support. It is a dream come true – great product that will change peoples financial lives and a community of entrepreneurs working together for the greater good.
    BUT – Do you know what happened my first month in the business? Nothing! You know what happened my second month in the business? Nothing! Not one sale. I thought I would be tearing it up this time.
    What I finally realized was that the responsibility for my success was not on the shoulders of my “team” but on me. If I want to be the kind of person that inspires others to join with me then I need to be inspiring. I need to be a person ads value to the process.
    As soon as I realized this – I knew there was no stopping me and my business took a major turn toward success.
    Network marketing is a vehicle – it can be wildly profitable but it is only a vehicle. No model fits right for everyone. The key is to do the work on yourself to be the kind of person that earns a million (or whatever your goal is). If you don’t do this you will not be successful in any entrepreneurial pursuit and are better off with a job.
    Here is my favorite quote from Jim Brown…
    “Aim for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”

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