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Some people wake up and do the three S’s (shower, shave, and… well, you probably know what comes next), while others shower in the evening. Me? I can’t do anything without the morning shower and smoothie. Ever since I was a wee lad I’ve been preached to about the wonders and the [...]

He said/she said, they said/I said, we all said drama. No matter where you go, office politics and drama will follow. Someone will decide not to like you because you looked at them wrong or because they simply don’t like your name; someone will say that you said something that you didn’t; and [...]


In my previous posting, I wrote about Virtual PO Boxes. Another similar handy service I use for my own business is a lockbox, which is something my bank offers. It is basically a PO Box I use just for checks that are mailed to me, like for affiliate payments or invoice payments. I get [...]

Virtual PO Box

I was looking to get a PO Box last week for one of my businesses, and I found an even better service that might interest anybody with a home business. A PO Box works well, but if you move later in life then you need to deal with changing your PO Box address. Plus, you [...]

Hey everyone;
I took roughly 10 days off and flew across the country to visit some friends and family. I had a great time, filled with mechanical bull riding, tequila shooters, candid moments on the lake, relaxing drives, and a complete revitalization of my mind, body, and business soul. I also realized that the [...]

You want to get rich, right? Of course you do, and you know what, I want you to get rich! In business, money and profits is the name of the game. Other things, such as ethics or social responsibility, come second to the almighty dollar. Alright, all jokes aside, I want [...]