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What baffles me the most about a lot of business owners is how little thought they seem to put into their projects, yet many of them experience great success with their businesses. I’ve seen millionaires make multi-million dollar deals over a three minute cell phone call, pitched (and sold) website creatives to massive web [...]

Many people have said that business owners don’t think like regular people. I’d hate to say it, but I’m going to have to agree on this one. People who set up and maintain profitable businesses are thinking in such a way that far exceeds the typical “employee” mindset. After all, managing a [...]

I approached one of my affiliates the other day and asked them how their campaigns were doing. He wasn’t too thrilled with their performance, and surprisingly told me that he was considering jumping ship and running with a different network. Rather than be concerned (and put on the defensive), I asked him why [...]

One thing I’ve always found interesting is that the big businesses - the ones that are worth billions and billions of dollars - never seem to miss a beat. A new trend emerges and you can bet that world-wide giants like Microsoft and Google are going to have some kind of product designed to [...]

So after a huge mash up of my business I’m forced to sit down and completely rethink everything, from product planning to marketing (and literally everything in between). At first I was quite upset by all of this and was finding it hard to think clearly, but then I realized that this change, though [...]

This may wind up being a bit of a rant as opposed to an article, but the general idea remains the same. Many people are bred into the idea that “the customer is always right”, and in some industries this may very well be the case. However, for the most part, there’s a [...]

I find myself 700 kilometers to the north of where I normally conduct business laying in my hotel bed typing away on my laptop. For the next five days I am by myself alone every evening, with nothing but my thoughts and a few errant responsibilities on my mind. Such is the life [...]

Rather than my usual article (of excellent quality, no doubt ;)), I thought today would be a great day to put up some quotes, musings, and observations about local and international business. Do you have something that would fit in here? I’d love to hear it!

“In Canada, the 10th largest city has less [...]