A Special Video For Job Seekers


Jeff Kee recently dedicated a video to me which I did not find as amusing as this one. Now this really reminds me of Jeff :) For those that know Jeff, let me know what you think.

WPvideo 1.10

Borat at Job Interview in US and A!

14 thoughts on “A Special Video For Job Seekers

  1. HA HA HA
    Oh man that’s awesome!!!
    “Men and women are treated as equals in America…”

    1. Before Borat, the guy that created (and plays) the character had a show on UK television where he set up politicians, that was really funny too, some of the stuff he pulled was really funny….

    1. I would have hired him.
      “Can I put camera into women’s toilet???”
      “.. if you will share the videos with me, sure.”

  2. Love Borat, his kinky humor just keeps me laughing
    “Can I work in the room with the light, please?”

  3. Thought this site was for entrepreneurs. It is funny though. Reminds me why I do not interview well…and why I have not had a job most of my “career”.

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