Acknowledgements and Traffic Update


March has been a record month for Career Ramblings in several ways. We have received over 52,000 page views so far this month as well as several individual posts gaining a lot of popularity. Our highest viewed posts this month are:

If you are new to Career Ramblings, a good place to start is our Top Articles section.

We are also currently switching host companies for the third time in 3 months from Dreamhost to InfinFX owned by Nate Whitehill. The problem we have with Dreamhost is that on days when we reach 3000 or more visitors, our site loads extremely slow and goes down after about 4000 visitors until we contact them. This has been extremely frustrating for us and since we hope for 10,000 page view days to become regular, we need to be with a company that can stay functional during such growth days. Nate has been extremely helpful and we really appreciate the personalized touch he has provided so far. We hope this will be our last switch.


We’d also like to acknowledge the new sponsors we got this month.

Isabont holds our main banner sponsorship. They are an interesting company that provides valuable tools to job seekers to help organize and conduct an efficient job search campaign. There is a plethora of information on their site and we recommend you take a look around. They have a free and a premium membership level.

ByWild is a web design company with extremely competitive rates. They have a good client base and Tony has been very friendly and reliable to work with. ByWild has also agreed to sponsor several posts in our entrepreneurial category.

As usual, you still see Dax Desai and PharmBoard in our sidebar as they have secured 3-6 month agreements.

If you’d like to sponsor Career Ramblings, you can visit our Sponsorship Page for more details.

Last but not least we’d like to acknowledge our top 5 commentators who provide a lot of great insight and feedback into our posts! Thanks Shane, Jez, Saman, Gary Lee, and Jeff Kee!

Other Resources:

  • If you’re interested in a resume makeover like this one, contact us and you may get chosen.
  • Post your resume online with They have over 60,000 job listings.
  • Send your resume to thousands of recruiters in your industry with Resume Zapper’s help.
  • Create an Amazing Cover Letter to go with your resume.

17 thoughts on “Acknowledgements and Traffic Update

  1. Good job Jane! =)
    You successfully managed to get many sponsors even though you have lower pageviews than my blog..
    *cries* I want sponsors too, what is your secret?

    1. Well, we have a niche, We have quality content for that niche, we get thousands of readers visit us throughout the week, they click on our sponsors and make our sponsors money. Pretty simple really.
      For you to get more traffic, you must be making front page of a lot of bookmarking sites huh ? Or you have a really large following from months before.
      We’ve been up since late Jan. with Career Ramblings, and have attracted a large number of readers, especially from Netscape. Thanks guys for all the love

  2. Congratulations on the Outstanding numbers! Hopefully, my site continues to grow and I can contact Nate for the hosting hookup. Anything that’s good enough for CareerRamblings is Good Enough for Mr. Gary Lee!

    1. Hahaha…yeah, Nate’s been the man. The great thing is, he is so willing to help, not just host the site. Hopefully our partnership will continue to grow. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a kick back for some clients

  3. Thanks to you guys for writing freat stuff that’s worth commenting on. And congrats on the numbers!

  4. Your success is terrific and inspiring! Thanks for sharing the details!
    Jason Alba
    CEO –
    Personal Relationship Management and
    Job Search Manager

  5. Thanks for the link back, thats really poor hosting you describe, if it were thousands of concurrent users you may expect a problem, but at any one time how many users do you have online, a couple of hundred??

  6. Nice work on the traffic and pulling in of sponsors. Looks like I have alot of work to learn from you guys as well!

    1. Hey Steve,
      We switched to our new server yesterday afternoon so if it came in the second half of the day, it was probably lost in the mix; sorry about that. We never delete comments.

  7. Congratulations on the #’s for March. This is a true victory for you!
    I do have one issue to express: In many of your posts I see a number of question marks scattered throughout. I’m not sure why– maybe it’s the charset you’re using.
    I use Firefox with Windows XP.
    Good luck in April!
    – Scot

    1. Question marks were some weird byproduct of the server transfer and database import. I see John fixed it all now, though. Blogon!

  8. I recently moved a WordPress blog from one server to another. It was a bigger pain than I was expecting!
    Lucky for me the blog only had a few posts but I did have the “??” problem.

  9. Understandable why “Why You Need To Be An Entrepreneur” is one of the top posts. I think that it’s one of the better posts I’ve read.

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