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Those of you that are familiar with blogging have most likely stumbled upon John Chow dot com and his lessons on how to make money on the internet. It’s a very popular site for bloggers and many are enticed to leave comments since it provides a linkback to your site for being one of his Top Commentators.

A link from John is a great incentive because he ranks so high in multiple ranking systems. For example, Technorati ranks him as being 143 out of the millions of blogs on the net. He also has regular contests such as giving away a Microsoft Zune on his site that keeps his blog engaged by readers. This is my entry for his contest :-)

One more perk for being a Top Commentator on John Chow’s site is that he gives an occasional review or gift to his top followers. For example, in January he gave us a set of pens on behalf of himself and I recently received my pens in the mail since I was gone for a few weeks.

Take a look…

John was kind enough to send his business card…now that can come in handy!

Here’s a close up of the John Chow Pen.

I think I’ll need to look into getting one for Career Ramblings dot com. What do you say :-) Chow’s pen has a very nice weight to it and writes extremely well. I think I want to save it for some strange reason. Who knows, I may auction it off once Chow hits it big time (he may already be there actually)!

For those in hopes of being one of John Chow’s Top Commentators, it takes some effort but isn’t too dificult. All you need to do is average about 6-7 comments on his posts a day. He resets his commentators every 5 days, but you only lose that first day of 5 and can make those comments up easily the following day. It’s a great community and some have been very active on this site as well.

Thanks John for your support and providing such great information on your site helping us be the best site possible for our readers.

16 thoughts on “John Chow’s Top Commentators

  1. Thanks for sharing your secret about how many posts it takes to be on his list. I still don’t know how you find the time to do it!

  2. Hey Jane,
    I found you on John’s Top Commentators List and I need your help! I’m going to attempt to set a Guinness World Record and I need as much help promoting as possible.
    The record I’m going to try and set is the longest blog comment string ever. For more details you can see the post here: World Record Attempt

  3. Wow… that guy really must dedicate some time to his blog. Does he earn that much money from it?

    1. hahaha…well, he made $8,200.00 from his one blog last month! He has other bigger sites

  4. Hey,
    I noticed you entered’s Zune contest! I’m running one too at my blog for $50, check it out here:
    $50 Link Contest

  5. I live in a house where I just KNOW there must be hundreds of pens, but my daughter keeps them hidden. They migrate out of my office faster than I can buy them.
    A free pen gift is indeed a welcome gift.

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