Proofread Your Resume

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Would you read your morning newspaper if it was full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes? Obviously not. When we cannot digest these mistakes, it is imperative that the interviewer is the last person to read the resume with errors and mistakes.

A mistake ridden resume, no matter how well your merit and skills may be, is sure to find its place in the delete box no sooner than the hiring manager reads it. A neatly laid out resume can catch the attention of the hiring manager even before he arrives at the section you have listed your qualifications and skills. In the case where the preliminary screening is done the by the assistant manager, your perfect resume might impress him so that he can shortlist it straight to the boss. Such a quick and easy task as proofreading your resume, can be all the difference between landing or failing to get the job.

I’ll be back with specific tips on writing an error free resume.

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