Second Life: Virtual World Destroys Your PC

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Recently, Second Life was referred to me by one of my graduating seniors at a local California State University. For those that don’t know, Second Life is an interactive virtual world. This student explained it as being”cutting edge” as one of the newest and creative ways of interacting with people via internet. It currently has over 2 million registered users and these members can do anything from buying land to holding presentations, forums and conferences. I thought this was a really interesting concept since we’re trying to get information out to graduating students and new professionals.

Here-in lays the challenge. I went through the proper steps to register as a member for Second Life. Registration and downloading the program was a pretty simple and painless process. However, when opening the program for the first time, it froze my computer for about 10 minutes before having to hit the kill switch on my PC. I figured it was just my computer acting up again, so I restarted it and tried it again…same thing happened again. I killed my PC again and turned it on. This time a window pops up…

Second Life Crash Log

Second Life appears to have crashed or frozen the last time it ran. This crash reporter collects information about your computers hardware, operating system & Second Life logs…

If you continue to experience this problem, please try one of the following: a) Contact support by email. b) Search the Second Life knowledge base. c) If you can log in, please contact Live Help.

Since I couldn’t even access the program, b) and c) were out of the question. I emailed them about a week and a half ago, but no response. Since the second crash I have tried to restart the program one other time, and guess what…my computer crashed again. Needless to say, I was bothered by the process and removed the program from my computer. I will have to have a talk to my reliable student who referred me to this program and would suggest to those of you that use Second Life to back up your computer before starting the program. And if you don’t want your personal information to go to Second Life, I would forget about installing the program as well.

Rich Dad Says: “Do your research before downloading a program.”

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2 thoughts on “Second Life: Virtual World Destroys Your PC

  1. Always read the system requirements before downloading and installing software, especially something as graphically intensive as Second Life. Don’t always assume that your computer is capable of running every piece of software you try. Don’t blame the software — I have had no problems running Second Life, any problems have been because of system wide updates and problems that have been recently documented. You need a top end graphics card to render realtime 3d worlds like Second Life. You need to make sure your graphics drivers are up to date and compatible.

  2. Emelano,
    Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I thought I had all the required specs of the program, but you’re right…my graphics card is probably not up to par with what is needed for such a program. Any recommendations?

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