The Importance Of Maintaining Emotional Balance


Many people in “high power jobs” have personal challenges that they are faced with at work. According to a recent survey conducted at John Hopkins University, Lawyers are the most likely to suffer from depression. This survey was conducted of 28 “high power jobs”, which included other professions like being a doctor or dentist.

Lawyers tend to say that this is due to the lack of meaning or sense of a “job well done” they have with their careers. For many legal professionals, they often experience ethical issues, including harassment in the workplace, and a general feeling of uneasiness while at work.

This dissatisfaction with their careers dramatizes the need to focus on an enabling process, so that they may seek positions that are consistent with their personal values and professional goals. For many workplaces, offering career or personal counseling often helps many people get out of a rut and back on track.

Studies have shown that regular exercise (cardiovascular activity for at least 30 minutes, three to five times a week) has demonstrated to have strong antidepressant effects, serve as an emotional release and keep you in shape. Though there are many theories as to why this is the case, the most well accepted reason is that exercise increases the release of chemicals that are related to mood. Anyone that has ever experienced a “high” (runners sometimes do) after a strenuous workout can attest to this.

Exercise is also an excellent distraction, and goes a long way toward eliminating a feeling of lethargy and fatigue. It helps improve body image, and many people report feeling confident and capable after a few weeks of working out. It does the body good, and it’s a great way to feel better about yourself.

Being happy at work is key. When starting at a company, look for a few important things, such as:

  • Flexible working times. This does not change the number of hours that must be worked, but rather the way in which they are worked. If you aren’t a morning person, for example, you may benefit from coming into work at 10 and leaving at 6 as opposed to coming in at 9 and leaving at 5.
  • A competitive salary. Salaries are predicted to rise 8.3% this year. Make sure that you are being paid what you deserve.
  • An inviting corporate culture. If you join a firm which is hostile and unreceptive of new employees, you may find yourself full of stress and anxiety. Seek a place of employment where growth and change are expected and appreciated. You can find this out by simply asking other employees what working for that particular firm is like.

13 thoughts on “The Importance Of Maintaining Emotional Balance

  1. Very very true. Whether you work for the Crown Attorney or your on the defense side of the matter being a lawyer from what I hear can be a tough mental go from time to time.
    You choose to work with people’s who’s mindset is not always on the “right” side of the fence. Needless to say there are ways to deal with it. Position and person are separate.
    Ultimately work out. It makes you feel great….

    1. … and so do I. It’s a Friday night at 9:30 and I still haven’t decided which party to hit tonight.

        1. Very true…
          For me, the worst co-worker is a female who has not been laid for a month… It’s just impossible to communicate with (we have such one in our office and everybody bets on when she will get it, so we can actually communicate with her without being creamed at )!

  2. Here’s how I keep balance.
    Gym – 2~3 times a week (I’d go more if I could)
    Outdoor Soccer – 2~3 times a week.
    Food – I eat good healthy food. No McDonalds.. I actually went all of 2006 without going to McDonalds once. I think I went twice so far in 2007. I eat out a lot though, cause I can’t be bothered to cook so much. It’s a waste of time.
    Social Life – I sorta drifted away from many of my old friends from when I was younger. I’m going somewhere in life while a lot of them are not, and it became a waste of time. I socialize with a small group of friends and that’s it. I couldn’t handle any more social activity without it cutting too much into my work hours.
    Mental Sanity – I enjoy culture.. well. Movies, and reading the newspaper, and watching some late night talk shows (Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson mainly). It keeps me informed of trends, while providing enjoyment. I never play video games – a complete waste of life with no benefits.
    Booze – Yeah I enjoy drinking. Used to be a heavy drinker but not so much anymore, but still enjoy a few drinks on the weekends.

    1. I used to go play basketball when i live in a town. Now i have been living in a city, no good places to play basketball, luckily i discovered a new field:)
      My mum is a good cook, so no problem with food:) But i eat much, this is the main problem, sitting at computer too much makes me fat, second one.
      I don’t drink much, but i drink a lot of coffee.

  3. I also think that it’s infinitely important to maintain a healthy life-work balance. I discussed this issue in my blog yesterday.

  4. The biggest problem to keep the emotional balance for me in the office is the communication between people, and especially between departments
    And yes, trips to the gym keep me productive and sharp as well.

  5. Scientists have proven that sperm helps women emotionally. So, the part about getting laid isn’t all wrong.
    Just make sure there is no condom involved. Take precautions or whatever but sperm is good for women to help keep emotionally balanced.

  6. Very true! Exercise is the best way to relieve all the stress and anger. I work out every other day and I feel great even though I got personal issues to deal with often.

  7. this is exactly why my brother quit his job as a lawyer at a top firm in Los Angeles. his two choices moving forward were: become a partner, or start his own practice. he’s now a legal consultant for a graphic design firm that creates visual aids for high-profile court cases, and he gets home everyday at 5:30 to see his wife

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