Top 10 Resume Blunders

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If someone were to make a list of what causes you to not get a job, she/he is sure to include blunder resumes at the top. Avoiding mistakes takes one of the few steps like consulting a professional resume writer, career counselor or searching for internet resources. The list of top 10 mistakes in resumes is here with possible reasons and remedies explained in brief:

Top 10 Resume Blunders

  1. Bad Cover Letter: Cover letters could be poor because of bad address placement, wrong job reference, being very figurative, setting unmatched goals/objectives. The reason for the first two mistakes is not being alert. The next two mistakes arise because of lack of knowledge or focus.
  2. Spelling and Grammar: Oversight or lack of time can cause mis-spelling. Attempts to copy friends’ resumes to suit yours is another possible reason. Such trivial spelling mistakes lead to instantaneous rejection of resumes. Get your parents or friends to proofread your resume 3-4 times to eliminate any chance of spelling and grammar mistakes.
  3. Too Focused on Job History: The more jobs you post in your resume does not mean they will automatically impress the interviewer. What counts is what you have learned on the job. The reason for this mistake could be a false belief that more jobs get new jobs. Instead, focus on your strengths and abilities.
  4. Irrelevant Information: This type of information does not answer what the interviewer is looking for. They fail to find information concerning their worries like how will you help them support the sagging production, etc. Avoid information like your basketball exploits or video game skills.
  5. Poor Descriptions: This goal is to interest the interviewer and catch their attention. For example: “handled 100 ledgers and pay roll” compares badly against “managed receivables, inventory, payable ledgers and pay roll flawlessly for two years”.
  6. Keywords: Keywords show you mean business. For example: FCFS, FCLS or EOQ show you have experience working in inventory/store management. Include keywords when applicable.
  7. Goofy Emails: Can you expect to be hired for the GM position with as your email? This is perceived as unprofessional.
  8. Resumes, not Bios: Your personal and family history has no place in resumes in America. Provide this information only if asked for.
  9. Playing Out of Your League: Pretending as if your experience is greater than it really is can get you in an unpleasant situation if the interviewer begins asking difficult questions. Stay within your realm of knowledge and you will not be exposed in the interview.
  10. Ending After Sending Resume: Not following up to know whether the resume reached the interviewer is a mistake that can potentially cost you the job. Always double check that your resume arrived if you do not hear back within a few days.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Resume Blunders

  1. Generic Resume, one resume for all job applicaitons. Well, it doesn’t exist, make sure you polish up your resume for each job application

  2. I’ve read a few resume tip posts on other sites recently (I’m sorry, I looked but I can’t find the links) but they basically advocated that in today’s age of digital resumes and software that scans buzz words to index you into a search algorithm, Coverletters were no longer very important.
    They say that most recruiters just scan quickly an email or cover letter, throw it out, scan in the resume, and don’t even think about you again until you come up in a keyword search. What is your experience with that?

  3. How about NO cover letter?! I have seen that over and over.
    I think 11 should be lying about skillset or job history. Two things that are so easy to disprove.

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