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We have a few new updates to give you about our site. The first one welcomes a new contributer to Career Ramblings and the next two are related to new comment features.

The Tune In

We are very pleased to present you with a new weekly feature called The Tune In. The Tune In will feature a very creative writer in the media business we were able to recruit for this weekly piece. The articles will center around media and culture; and how they relate to business. The pieces will have a creative flair to them to compliment our current content. Please welcome our new writer as his first article will be posted tomorrow morning.

Subscribe To Comments Via Email

This feature is a square button above the comment box which allows you to keep up with everyone’s comments. When a new comment is left, an email is sent to the subscriber notifying them of the comment.

Threaded Comments

Below every comment is a link to “reply to this comment”. This allows you to respond directly to a comment and your reply will be posted under that comment. This feature allows for more interaction and creates a forum-like setting.


Jane has been a member of MyBlogLog for about 3 months now and has created a network of friends and community members.  It wasn’t until last week that we decided to included a Recent Readers Widget on our sidebar.  If you are a member of MyBlogLog then your picture will appear on the bottom widget of our sidebar.  If you haven’t added her as a friend or joined her community, you can do so here.  Being a member of MyBlogLog has many benefits, one of which is to put a face to the other visitors coming to this site and interacting in it.

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  1. Noticed the background for your Top Commentators is not same shade as other sidebar items. I had same issue with this until I modified code slightl. see below…

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