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March has been a record month for Career Ramblings in several ways. We have received over 52,000 page views so far this month as well as several individual posts gaining a lot of popularity. Our highest viewed posts this month are:

7 Reasons Why You’re Not Finding A Job
9 Reasons You Are Not Successful
Shrewd Job Interview [...]

As I mentioned a couple of days ago on Introducing Resume Makeovers, we will be selecting a resume to critique on our site. This featured service is intended to show our readers how to write a resume. From the amount of resumes John and I have received in the past month, we thought it would [...]

For anyone looking to have a successful career, regardless of what career it is, it’s important to form a strong network. Now, when I mean network, many things come to mind. Well, my uncle is in my network, the guy at the corner store is in my network, my lazy brother who doesn’t get off [...]

Many of you may have read our Resume Makeover post where I give you a brief summary of what we’re introducing to Career Ramblings dot com. That post was also an introduction and thank you to all of our sponsors and top commentators. I thought I would give you a more in depth explanation of [...]

Weekend Quotes

Hey! I know this is late in the weekend for an edition of “Weekend Quotes” so maybe you can use these to motivate yourself for the coming week.
Hunt Greene on Possibilities: “Everything is always impossible before it works. That’s what entrepreneurs are all about - doing what people have told them is impossible.”?
John D. Rockefeller [...]

As I mentioned last week, there is a job fair coming up to the Long Beach Convention Center and it is strictly for College of Business?students at California State University, Long Beach.? ?Since this career fair is tomorrow, I thought I would touch on a few steps a person can take to have success at [...]

A lot of people dream and talk about being entrepreneurial and starting their own business. Everyone wants to do it, but few ever really take the necessary first step, and those who do take the step rarely put 100% of their efforts toward making it succeed. Nothing in life is truly successful without [...]

Many people in corporate America have a hard time managing workplace politics. Challenges that people have begin with knowing the corporate culture. I’ve been in corporate America for the past 10 years and have learned valuable lessons throughout my career. Being a woman in business and striving for success was even more [...]

Successful people and leaders in all walks of life tend to have similar core qualities about them.? Of course everyone is better at some things than others, but there are certain characteristics that most possess.? We all want to self actualize and become the best that we can, so I will provide you with 9 [...]

Weekend Quotes

Here are some quotes to start the St. Paddy’s Day weekend off right:
Hunt Greene on Possibilities: “Everything is always impossible before it works. That’s what entrepreneurs are all about - doing what people have told them is impossible.”
Abigail Van Buren on Wisdom: “Wisdom doesn’t automatically come with old age. Nothing does - except wrinkles. It’s [...]

Resume Makeover

This month has been a busy month for John and myself as the?amount of resumes we have been asked to critique has been amazing.? There must be a job fair coming up or something.? Actually, there is in the Long Beach, CA?area for students at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).? They have the Meet [...]

As a follow up to our well received post on how to remodel your home the right way, we’d like to bring you 4 easy steps for a successful remodel.

Be Realistic About How Long It Will Take. Often times projects take twice as long as you originally planned.
Expect The Unexpected. Experts recommend setting aside at [...]

Have you started the job search process? Have you had your resume looked over countless times?? Have you filled out job application after job application and no prospects have come from it?? If this is the case, you may need some help with your job application.?
I’ve recently received a few requests from our readers to [...]

Yesterday we were made aware of a funny and friendly competition between bloggers in an NCAA March Madness type of bracket set-up held by Derrich.? Career Ramblings was the number 7 seed playing against the 2nd seed and one of my favorite?blogs,?Steve Pavlina.? Thanks to your votes, we pulled off the upset!
Round two is today [...]

Snow Crash was a science fiction novel written by Neal Stephenson in 1992. There are probably a good amount of visitors here who have read his postmodern/cyberpunk work since many CR readers are always on the edge of technology and innovation. In the book he wrote of the ?metaverse,? a virtual reality world in which [...]

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