The Necessity Of A Professional Network


For anyone looking to have a successful career, regardless of what career it is, it’s important to form a strong network. Now, when I mean network, many things come to mind. Well, my uncle is in my network, the guy at the corner store is in my network, my lazy brother who doesn’t get off the couch is in my network.

That’s a network right? Well, yes, but that’s not who I am referring to. The type of network I want to address is the one that you can count on when you have a question, concern, need advice or feedback.

What Is A Network

  1. Source of information.

  2. Community of feedback.

  3. Provides motivation and inspiration.

  4. Source of support.

The people that can comprise your network can vary. In some cases, your family is a great part of your network. They know people that can connect you to the right places or have the experiences in life that you have yet to experience. Other sources that can comprise your professional network are friends, employers, co-workers and mentors. Since we’ve created this site, I have grown the network of people I know to include people I have never met face-to-face. For example, Nate Whitehill, Matt Coddington, Jeff Kee, Gary Lee, John Chow, and Dan and Jennifer have all been sources for me to throw ideas off of, hear ideas from, and in times of stress, I know I can contact them and get a pretty good response as to what their feelings are on the given situation.

When Can A Network Help

  1. Job search. People know people and opportunities.

  2. Career change. Input from people with experience.

  3. Guidance. Mentors can help you develop professionally ( so can Career Ramblings) :-)

  4. Times of Stress. When faced with controversy, your network can help.

  5. Affirmation. When you are just looking for that one person to tell you, “you’re on the right path.”

Building Your Network

  1. Build your network early.

  2. Not everyone can easily network, it takes practice and patience.

  3. Put your best foot forward.

  4. When networking, project self-confidence and stay focused.

  5. Keep conversations positive.

  6. Remember names and interests.

Having a network can help package you in the best way when searching for a career. This network can give you helpful information as to where to look for positions, the positives and negatives about a particular field, professional advice, show you how to write a resume (although I think we have that covered) and simply provide you with any help you may need. I hope you consider as part of your network since we are here to help.

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11 thoughts on “The Necessity Of A Professional Network

  1. Great article. I am honored to be included in your network, Jane. It’s *powerful posts* like these that really make your blog stand out as a truly useless and enlightening resource.

  2. Networking is awesome. That’s what I survive on.
    The last time I tossed out advertisements was .. God, I don’t know.
    I just keep getting referrals, and I have a bunch of resourceful people backing me up, and I help out the best I can.

  3. Hey Jane,
    It’s a dubious honor indeed being mentioned in the same breath as the root of all evil who enjoys helping people make money online.
    Great article and Amen. A hard core network of people that you can actually count on is so amazingly important. Definitely a good thing to have friends who’ve got your back. And no, I’m not referring to the guy keeping the couch warm.
    >> “Times of Stress. When faced with controversy”
    You must be referring to some of our recent articles, like
    “My Best Friend’s a Swinger – Will She Burn in Hell?”
    and possibly “Should You Condemn Yourself to a Bad Relationship for Life Because of Religion and Guilt?”
    riding to the top of the homepage.
    Talk about controversy. Those sure got some great discussion going.
    That brings to mind one of the more profound quotes I’ve come across in recent years, which really applies to many of us who choose to live a very public life.
    “Live never to be ashamed if anything you do or say is published around the world — even if what is published is not true”. — Richard Bach, Illusions
    Have an awesome day!

  4. I agree with you Jane that at least , network can be very helpful when you are looking for a new job.

  5. The job market is so hard and unpredictable thesedays. No one can emphasize enough on networking. sometimes all that it takes to get a job is that whoever you know. If you already have a job, keep your business card handy at all times. talk more with people who are already in your field and keep in good touch with them too. the whole job networking is just like our blogs networked here. good example eh?
    Another well written piece Jane!

  6. wow . . . what a way to put us on the spot to comment hahaha . . . but i totally agree with you that the power of your network will greatly affect your success in life. . . . I joined a fraternity in college that helped my networking to other people I would have never met at other universities in Southern California. As we all graduated, we all helped each other find jobs among other things. I’m not saying everyone should join a fraternity, but I’m saying the power of a group is always greater than a power of an individual . . . . Another piece of advice i would give is that you should always remember that you don’t get a second chance at a first impression . . . growing a network takes word of mouth and when people have a good impression of you from the start, it’s easier for them to say good things about you, thereby making it easier for others to want to get to know you.

  7. hey jane, great article on networking. i completely agree on all points. (i recently wrote an article on networking too so i really mean it!) i’d also like to add that it’s important not to burn bridges unless it’s absolutely necessary. some people don’t care if they burn bridges, which i think can be unwise in many cases. you never know when you’ll need to cross that bridge again… great post!

    1. Good advice on not burning bridges. It’s best to just leave it and let it decay naturally. You can always come back and rebuild it in the future if you need to.

  8. My occupation thrives off of networking. Building relationships with those I meet is the next big step to being successful. This is a great article, Jane.

  9. so i sent you and john an invite for a lil shindig me and danielle are “kind of” hosting in downtown LA . . . you better come! free food before 7!

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