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Review Our Blog- Round 8

CareerRamblings may have changed hands, but we’re continuing the review our blog promotion. Round 8 brought in some much appreciated reviews.
The new reviews in round 8 came from the following sites:

Xbrain - What inspired you
Google and Me
Blogging It For Cash
Job interview questions
Abhishek Kumar
Andre Santos
Jane May Blogs
Tax Rebates

This round we saw both high and low quality [...]

One of the most well-known entrepreneurs is Donald Trump, especially after his spotlight in his TV show, The Apprentice. Donald Trump is a great role-model for those aspiring entrepreneurs. The biography of his life includes strife, failure, and of course, success.
Trump was born into a wealthy family, had an upper-class education and had his start [...]

If you’ve been thinking about starting up your own home based business you probably have more questions than you do answers. If you are trying to figure out how you’re going to make it work, where you’re going to attract sales, and how you’re going to market yourself, you’re not alone. Thousands of home based [...]

You can’t get wealthy working for someone anymore. Fifty years ago you could start and end your working career with the same company- they provided you security, a pension, health benefits, and a competitive salary. It’s not the same today, as sad as that is, and the average person has to find other ways to [...]

Hi, I would like to introduce myself. I am Eric, the new owner of www.CareerRamblings.com. I run several hundred websites such as Bored.com , CheapFlowers.com , and Dumb.com . I also own 10,000 domain names such as FindJobs.com, BuyWine.com, MtEverest.com, and ComedyClub.com.
I started on the Internet back in 1995 creating web sites [...]

You are the kind of person that has a dozen good ideas a day. You are the kind of person that dreams of owning their own company, working the hours that they set, and realizing the kind of success that is reserved for big names and big business.
A business – you’re that kind of [...]

There are thousands of websites that claim to be able to show you how to make millions of dollars online. These websites, like Rich Jerk dot com, should be approached with a grain of salt, and everyone should purchase at least one. Yes, you read that right: even though these websites couldn’t possibly [...]

Review Our Blog Update

Jane and I have received a lot of excellent reviews as part of our review our blog series. With no recent promotion, we have received 16 new reviews.

Business, Money and Tax Help
Blogging Demos
Online Income Resources
Ngadutrafik 2007
Ace Hutton
Old Things
Project Agloco
Job Mob
Sha Money Maker dot com
Get Noticed First
Heaven’s Blog
Viva Vava
Job Interview Q&A
Health and Fitness

I must say the [...]

It seems like everyone these days wants to be an entrepreneur. They see all the positive benefits involved with owning your own business, but sometimes forget the sacrifices that are asked of you. Regardless of the sacrifices, there have been many people that have overcome a lot to be successful with their own [...]

Operating a successful airline requires a lot of risk taking, ingenuity, and flexible planning. It is an industry where you have to be extremely nimble and dynamic- expect to be put on your tows over and over again. Long term planning for a local airline is about 60 days, so you can expect [...]

Avoiding Office Hysteria

Starting a new job in an office can be a great and rewarding way to jump start your career. It can also become demoralizing, lonely, and dramatic if the people around you are prone to dramatizing their lives. Many people have not quite moved on past the high school mentality, and the result [...]

Everyone knows that you won’t ever become wealthy by working for someone else. In fact, what you are doing is making someone else wealthy. This is why successful business owners continue to pay you more and more: they want to keep you happy, because you are probably earning them ten times what they [...]

As many people can tell you, looking for a job is a job in itself. Like anything, the more experience you have, the better your success. Your options are limited only by your education, experience, and business contacts. The reality is that it pays to know people (or to have people know [...]

As the summer is now upon us I have been doing many Resume Makeovers. This Makeover service is intended to show our readers how to write a professional resume. From the amount of resumes John and I receive each month, I thought it would be a great time to post one of the resumes [...]

As we enjoy our weekend, lets not forget that which drives us most, ourselves. These quotes should help with inspiration to come Monday morning! I know I need all the inspiration I can get by then
Michelangelo on hard work: “If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it [...]

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